Life Lately: 01

ONE: It has been my goal to start painting more. It feels so nice to do something creative just for fun, not for work. It has been really inspiring me lately (especially watercolor) and I want to get better at it! This past weekend I painted a few patterns and it felt so nice. Here is to being creative just for fun more often! 

TWO: The other weekend I bought a bunch of vintage bottles at the Long Beach flea market, to hold flowers at our wedding. I want to have a few different bottles (different shapes and heights) on each table. Each bottle will have one or two flowers in it. One of my friends came up with this idea, and it is such a great way to save on flower costs. The bottles were super affordable, and we will need way less flowers than if we had big bouquets. If you are getting married and looking for a way to save costs on flowers, I highly recommend this! 

THREE: Yesterday I was reading one of my favorite blogs (Wit & Delight) and I came across this interview with Elle Luna. I have followed Elle on Instagram for awhile now, and I find her work to be so inspiring. Reading this interview made me love her even more. There were so many things I loved about this interview, but this was one of my favorite quotes:

"I love the idea that everyone has a gift to give. And I believe that the whole world is waiting for us to give that gift to them. What if we could empower everyone to operate out of that place, instead of out of job titles or money or security, even? Imagine a world where everyone gives their truest, most authentic gifts." - Elle Luna

FOUR: I cannot believe today is October. Our wedding is in a little over a month! We have been receiving lots of RSVPs in the mail, and they make me so happy. I love seeing the little notes some people leave in the margins, and receiving snail mail (that is not a bill or junk mail) makes my day!