Breakfast as of Late

I tend to get into routines when it comes to breakfast during the week. I seem to eat one or two things for a while until I get sick of them. Lately my breakfast has either been eggs on toast, or a green smoothie depending on my mood. Both are quick and easy to prepare!

Poached Eggs On Toast
You will need:
-2 organic eggs
-Rye Bread. I love this brand (You can find it at Whole Foods)
-White vinegar (Optional, but it helps the eggs stick together while cooking)
-Sea Salt

Bring a pot of water to a boil. Add in a splash of white vinegar. Turn down the heat slightly to bring the water to a simmer. Slowly crack in eggs. Cook for three minutes, and remove from water with a ladle that has holes. Place on toasted bread (I like to toast this particular bread twice to make it a little more crispy). If I have any avocado I like to add that as well. This is also great with fried eggs (I tend to switch between the two). Add some sea salt and enjoy! 

If I am not in the mood for eggs, or I want to bring breakfast to-go in the car, I like to make a smoothie. This is currently my go to:

Green Smoothie 
You will need:
-One frozen banana (peel banana before freezing)
-3/4 cup of water
-Handful of ice
-Handful of spinach
-Handful of kale
-1 big spoonful of raw cashew or peanut butter
-1 Tbsp chia seeds
-Sprinkle of bee pollen 

Throw everything into a blender until smooth. If you like your smoothie a little bit sweeter, add a handful of frozen strawberries, blueberries, or cherries.

What are your favorite go-to breakfast meals? Happy Monday, hope it's a good one!